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Ross Andru (; born Rostislav Androuchkevitch, June 15, 1927 – November 9, 1993) was an American comics artist and editor whose career in comics spanned six decades. He is best known for his work on The Amazing Spider-Man, Wonder Woman, The Flash, and The Metal Men, and for having co-created the character called The Punisher. His most frequent collaborator was comics inker Mike Esposito, with whom he worked on projects over a span of four decades. The two also founded three short-lived comic…Wikipedia
Ross Andru - AMAZING SPIDER-MAN (1963-98; 2003-13) #162 Cover | ComicConnect

sold for $108,000 in 2020

Ross Andru, Neal Adams, Dick Giordano, and Terry Austin Superman vs. The Amazing Spider-Man #nn Splash Page 50 Ori... | Heritage

sold for $60,000 in 2020

Ross Andru - AMAZING SPIDER-MAN (1963-98; 2003-13) #183 Cover | ComicConnect

sold for $45,000 in 2021

Ross Andru and Mike Esposito Amazing Spider-Man #179 Cover Green Goblin Original Art (Marvel, 1978). Spidey - | Heritage

sold for $43,020 in 2016

Andru, Ross | Ross Andru and Bill Everett Marvel Super-Heroes #14 Splash Page 1 Original Art (Marvel, 1968).... | Heritage

sold for $40,800 in 2022

Ross Andru and Mike Esposito Wonder Woman #154 Cover Original Art (DC, 1965). The amazing Amazon has to - | Heritage

sold for $38,240 in 2016

Ross Andru, Neal Adams and Dick Giordano Superman vs. The Amazing Spider-Man Treasury Back Cover Original Art (Mar... | Heritage

sold for $33,600 in 2020

Andru, Ross - AMAZING SPIDER-MAN (1963-98; 2003-13) #158 Interior Page | ComicConnect

sold for $32,582 in 2022

Ross Andru and Frank Giacoia Amazing Spider-Man #176 Cover Original Art (Marvel, 1978). The looming figure - | Heritage

sold for $31,200 in 2019

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