Enki Bilal

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Enki Bilal, the son of a Czech mother and a Bosnian father, spent the first nine years of his life in Belgrade, where the ghost of World War II still haunted everyday life. The Bilal family moved to Paris in 1961, where Bilal was drawn to comics and cinema. He started at Pilote in 1972, making illustrations, covers and short stories. Three years later, Bilal met writer Pierre Christin, with whom he created several comics by combining comic strips with photos, including 'Légendes…Comiclopedia
Enki Bilal |  | Artcurial

sold for 176,910 in 2007

Enki Bilal | LA TETRALOGIE DU MONSTRE | Artcurial

sold for 174,481 in 2008

Bilal Enki (Né En 1951) | CHESS-BOXERS WITH BLACK HORSE | Artcurial

sold for 170,521 in 2013

Enki Bilal  | VERTEBRATI COUPLE II – Acrylique sur toile signé et daté par l’artiste ( 2014)  | Galerie Glénat

listed for 165,000 in 2018

Enki Bilal | Né en 1951 | Artcurial

sold for 158,000 in 2014

Enki Bilal (Né En 1951) | CHESSBOXER, 2012 | Artcurial

sold for 151,574 in 2012

Enki Bilal (Né En 1951) | Nikopol - Tome 2 | Artcurial

sold for 149,500 in 2019

Enki Bilal (Né En 1951) | WHITE QUEEN BLACK KING, 2012 | Artcurial

sold for 138,943 in 2012

Enki Bilal (Né En 1951) | LA CAVALIERE, 2012 | Artcurial

sold for 132,628 in 2012

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