Jean Giraud

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Jean Henri Gaston Giraud (French: [ʒiʁo]; 8 May 1938 – 10 March 2012) was a French artist, cartoonist and writer who worked in the Franco-Belgian bandes dessinées (BD) tradition. Giraud garnered worldwide acclaim predominantly under the pseudonym Mœbius (; French: [møbjys]) for his fantasy/science-fiction work, and to a slightly lesser extent as Gir (French: [ʒiʁ]), which he used for the Blueberry series and his other Western themed work. Esteemed by Federico Fellini, Stan Lee, and…Wikipedia
Moebius (Jean Giraud Dit) | Arzach | Artcurial

sold for 119,240 in 2018

Giraud (Moebius), Jean | Jean Giraud (Moebius) Major Fatal, Le Garage Hermétique - The Motionless Bird Métal Hurlant #6 Splash Page 7 Origi... | Heritage

sold for $118,750 in 2022

Jean Giraud | BLUEBERRY, LE CHEVAL DE FER (T.7), 1970 | Christie’s

sold for 109,500 in 2015

Giraud Jean (1938-2012) | BLUEBERRY | Artcurial

sold for 103,576 in 2013

Jean Giraud (Moebius) | The Sandman: A Gallery of Dreams #1 Death Pin-Up Illustration Original Art (DC, 1994). | Heritage

sold for $96,000 in 2024

Giraud | Blueberry, illustration à la gouache, aux encres … | Banque Dessinée

sold for 80,000 in 2016

Giraud Jean (1938-2012) | BLUEBERRY | Artcurial

sold for 73,261 in 2012

Giraud Jean (Né En 1938) | BLUEBERRY | Artcurial

sold for 72,373 in 2010

Jean Giraud (Moebius) | Major Fatal, The Airtight Garage of Jerry Cornelius Story Page 44 Original Art (Métal Hurlant #15, 1977). | Heritage

sold for $75,000 in 2024

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