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Frank Cho, born Duk Hyun Cho (born 1971), is a Korean-American comic strip and comic book writer and illustrator, known for his series Liberty Meadows, as well as for books such as Shanna the She-Devil, Mighty Avengers and Hulk for Marvel Comics, and Jungle Girl for Dynamite Entertainment. Cho is noted for his figure drawing, precise lines, and depictions of curvaceous women.…Wikipedia
Cho, Frank | Frank Cho Wonder Woman #5 Cover Original Art (DC, 2016).... | Heritage

sold for $16,800 in 2023

Frank Cho | Amazing spider-man #800 variant cover - la - spidey, gwen stacey, mary jane, black cat, and aunt may - 2018 signed | Anthony’s Comic Book Art

listed for $12,000 in 2018

Serpieri, Paolo Eleuteri - DRUUNA Illustration | ComicConnect

sold for $11,311 in 2023

Frank Cho | Mighty avengers, the #1 cover - la - ms. Marvel, iron man, sentry, wonder man, black widow, wasp, & ares - ’’avengers assemble! ’’ - 2007 signed by stan lee! | Anthony’s Comic Book Art

listed for $10,250 in 2018

Frank Cho | Where Monsters Dwell 5 Cover | ComicInkKing

listed for $10,000 in 2024

Frank Cho | conan the barbarian omnibus vol. 3 cover - la - conan, belit, and jaguar on pirate ship - 2019 signed | Anthony’s Comic Book Art

listed for $10,000 in 2022

Frank Cho Batman #48 Variant Cover Original Art (DC, 2018).... | Heritage

sold for $9,600 in 2019

Frank Cho | Amazing Spider-Man Omnibus | Heritage

sold for $9,000 in 2021

Frank Cho | Harley quinn #22 variant cover - harley unmasked full figure with joker jack-in-the-box - 2018 signed | Anthony’s Comic Book Art

listed for $8,500 in 2018

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