Shanna the She-Devil

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Shanna the She-Devil (Shanna O'Hara, Lady Plunder) is a jungle adventurer superhero appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics. Created by writer Carole Seuling and penciller George Tuska, the character first appeared in Shanna the She-Devil #1 (December 1972).…Wikipedia
Ron Frenz and Armando Gil | Ka-Zar the Savage #25 Wraparound Cover Spider-Man Original Art (Marvel, 1983). | Heritage

sold for $20,400 in 2021

Romita Sr., John | John Romita Sr. Shanna, The She-Devil #4 Cover Original Art (Marvel, 1973).... | Heritage

sold for $14,400 in 2023

John Buscema and Joe Sinnott Shanna, The She-Devil #3 Cover Original Art (Marvel Comics, 1973). A - | Heritage

sold for $8,400 in 2020

Earl Norem | Ka-Zar: Guns of the Savage Land Cover Original Art (Marvel, 1990). | Heritage

sold for $5,520 in 2021

Blevins, Bret | Bret Blevins Marvel Fanfare #58 Shanna the She-Devil Splash Page 1 Original Art (Marvel, 1991).... | Heritage

sold for $3,000 in 2023

Ron Frenz and Armando Gil | Ka-Zar the Savage #20 Splash Page 28 Original Art (Marvel, 1982). | Heritage

sold for $2,520 in 2021

Rampaging Hulk #9 Shanna the She-Devil Art by Tony DeZuniga | ArchAngels

listed for $2,000 in 2017

Adam Hughes | Shanna jungle girl  by adam hughes | BritComicsArt

listed for $2,000 in 2018

DeZuñiga, Tony | Tony DeZuñiga Marvel Fanfare #59 Splash Page 22 Shanna the She-Devil Original Art (Marvel, 1991).... | Heritage

sold for $1,920 in 2023

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