Jacques Tardi

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Jacques Tardi is one of the most important, versatile and influential French comic artists of all time. He invented an influential variation of Hergé's "Ligne Claire" ("Clear line"), but is first and foremost hailed as one of the masters of adult comics. Recurring themes in his productive oeuvre are the early 20th century - particularly World War I -, steampunk, detective stories and the underworld of the city. His signature series 'Les Extraordinaires…Comiclopedia
Jacques Tardi | La Gare de banlieue | Artcurial

sold for 84,500 in 2018

lot 144 - Jacques TARDI (né en 1946) | Huberty Breyne

sold for 31,000 in 2023

Jacques Tardi | Adèle Blanc Sec - Le noyé à deux têtes - planche originale 9 | Galerie Barbier

listed for 28,000 in 2024

lot 148 - Jacques TARDI (né en 1946) | Huberty Breyne

sold for 28,000 in 2023

Tardi | Lot 161 - JACQUES TARDI La Véritable Histoire du Soldat Inconnu,... | Daniel Maghen Enchères

sold for 24,120 in 2022

Jacques Tardi Né En 1946 | NESTOR BURMA | Artcurial

sold for 23,606 in 2016

Jacques Tardi | Né en 1946 | Artcurial

sold for 22,752 in 2014

Jacques Tardi | NESTOR BURMA, 120, RUE DE LA GARE, CASTERMAN 1988 | Christie’s

sold for 21,250 in 2015

Jacques TARDI (né en 1946) | lot 81 - Nestor Burma - 120 rue de la Gare | Huberty Breyne

sold for 20,500 in 2022

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