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Kevin Plunder, also known as Ka-Zar, is a superhero appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics. Created by writer Stan Lee and artist Jack Kirby, the character first appeared in The X-Men #10 (March 1965). Kevin Plunder is the second character to use the codename Ka-Zar.…Wikipedia
Jack Kirby and Chic Stone X-Men #10 Splash Page 1 Ka-Zar and Zabu Original Art (Marvel, 1965).... | Heritage

sold for $99,000 in 2018

John Byrne and Terry Austin X-Men #116 Cover Original Art (Marvel, 1978). Deep within the Savage Land, - | Heritage

sold for $65,725 in 2011

Kirby, Jack | Jack Kirby and Chic Stone The X-Men #10 Story Page 10 Ka-Zar and Zabu Original Art (Marvel, 1965).... | Heritage

sold for $27,600 in 2022

Jack Kirby and Chic Stone X-Men #10 Story page 19 Original Art (Marvel, 1965).... | Heritage

sold for $26,400 in 2019

John Buscema Ka-Zar #1 Cover Original Art (Marvel, 1974).... | Heritage

sold for $25,200 in 2020

Ron Frenz and Armando Gil | Ka-Zar the Savage #25 Wraparound Cover Spider-Man Original Art (Marvel, 1983). | Heritage

sold for $20,400 in 2021

Bob Layton Iron Man #202 Cover Ka-Zar  Original Art (Marvel, 1986).... | Heritage

sold for $8,365 in 2017

Barry Windsor-Smith & Bill Everett artwork - Astonishing Tales Featuring Ka-Zar & Dr. Doom #6 Page 5 | Profiles in History

sold for $8,250 in 2019

Kane, Gil | Gil Kane and Frank Giacoia The Amazing Spider-Man #104 Story Page 5 Kraven Original Art (Marvel, 1972).... | Heritage

sold for $7,500 in 2022

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