Blue Beetle

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Blue Beetle is the name of three fictional superheroes who appear in a number of American comic books published by a variety of companies since 1939. The most recent of the companies to own rights to the Blue Beetle is DC Comics who bought the rights to the character in 1983, using the name for three distinct characters over the years. The original Blue Beetle was created by Fox Comics and later owned by Charlton Comics. The first Beetle was Dan Garret (later spelled Dan Garrett), who initially…Wikipedia

sold for $8,365 in 2015

listed for $4,000 in 2022

sold for $3,585 in 2013

sold for $2,880 in 2022

sold for $2,640 in 2019

sold for $2,390 in 2011

sold for $2,280 in 2021

sold for $2,040 in 2018

sold for $1,920 in 2019

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