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Richard Bache "Dick" Ayers (; April 28, 1924 – May 4, 2014) was an American comic book artist and cartoonist best known for his work as one of Jack Kirby's inkers during the late-1950s and 1960s period known as the Silver Age of Comics, including on some of the earliest issues of Marvel Comics' The Fantastic Four. He is the signature penciler of Marvel's World War II comic Sgt. Fury and his Howling Commandos, drawing it for a 10-year run, and he co-created Magazine Enterprises' 1950s…Wikipedia

sold for $180,000 in 2021

sold for $96,000 in 2020

listed for $65,000 in 2021

listed for $63,000 in 2021

sold for $63,000 in 2020

sold for $59,750 in 2014

sold for $54,970 in 2015

sold for $47,800 in 2011

sold for $45,600 in 2019

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