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Jonah Woodson Hex is a fictional antihero appearing in American comic books published by DC Comics. The character was created by writer John Albano and artist Tony DeZuniga. Hex is a surly and cynical bounty hunter whose face is scarred on the right side. Despite his poor reputation and personality, Hex is bound by a personal code of honor to protect and avenge the innocent. The character was portrayed by Josh Brolin in a self-titled film, Jim Cummings in the Jonah Hex Motion Comic and…Wikipedia
DeZuñiga, Tony | Tony DeZuñiga All-Star Western #10 Cover Preliminary Original Art (DC, 1972).... | Heritage

sold for $36,000 in 2022

WEIRD WESTERN TALES #17 Cover | ComicConnect (Buy It Now)

listed for $10,500 in 2024

Dominguez, Luis | Luis Dominguez Jonah Hex #41 Cover Original Art (DC, 1980). ... | Heritage

sold for $10,200 in 2022

Joe Kubert | weird western tales #33 cover - jonah hex vs. Native americans - 1976 signed | Anthony’s Comic Book Art

listed for $7,500 in 2024

Kubert, Joe | Joe Kubert Weird Western Tales #33 Jonah Hex Cover Original Art (DC, 1976).... | Heritage

sold for $6,900 in 2023

Andru, Ross | Ross Andru and Dick Giordano Jonah Hex #62 Cover Original Art (DC, 1982).... | Heritage

sold for $5,040 in 2023

Darwyn Cooke | Darwyn cooke jonah hex cover issue 56 page cover | Splash Page

listed for $5,000 in 2018

Darwyn Cooke Jonah Hex #56 Cover Original Art (DC, 2010).... | Heritage

sold for $4,560 in 2020

Luis Dominguez | Weird western tales #19 cover - early jonah hex appearance - 1973 signed | Anthony’s Comic Book Art

listed for $4,500 in 2018

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