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The Human Torch (Jonathan "Johnny" Storm) is a superhero appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics. The character is a founding member of the Fantastic Four. He is writer Stan Lee's and artist Jack Kirby's reinvention of a similar, previous character, the android Human Torch of the same name and powers who was created in 1939 by writer-artist Carl Burgos for Marvel Comics' predecessor company, Timely Comics. Like the rest of the Fantastic Four, Johnny gained his powers on a…Wikipedia
Jack Kirby and Dick Ayers Strange Tales #101 Story Page 1 Human Torch Original Art (Marvel, 1962). This is - | Heritage

sold for $63,000 in 2020

Alex Schomburg | Overstreet Comic Book Price Guide #10 Cover Captain America, the Human Torch, and the Sub-Mariner Original Art (Overstreet, 1980). | Heritage

sold for $55,200 in 2021

Steve Ditko Amazing Spider-Man #21 Page 19 Original Art (Marvel, 1965). Spider-Man and the Human Torch, aka Johnny - | Heritage

sold for $44,813 in 2013

Gil Kane and Joe Sinnott (with John Romita Sr. Touch-Ups) The Avengers #134 Human Torch and Mad Thinker Cover - | Heritage

sold for $41,825 in 2013

Jack Kirby and John Romita Sr. The Invaders #3 Cover Captain America, Namor, Human Torch Original Art (Marvel, 197... | Heritage

sold for $40,800 in 2019

Alex Schomburg - Overstreet Comic Book Price Guide #10 Cover Featuring Captain America, The Human Torch, And - | Heritage

sold for $38,838 in 2007

Jack Kirby and Dick Ayers Strange Tales #103 Human Torch "Prisoner of the 5th Dimension" Title - | Heritage

sold for $31,070 in 2014

Schomburg, Alex | Alex Schomburg The Invaders Annual #1 Story Page 11 Human Torch Original Art (Marvel, 1977).... | Heritage

sold for $30,000 in 2022

Jack Kirby and Dick Ayers Strange Tales #114 Story Page 14 Original Art (Marvel, 1963). The Human Torch has - | Heritage

sold for $28,800 in 2021

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