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War Stories is a comic book series written by Garth Ennis and illustrated by a number of artists.…Wikipedia
Wally Wood Frontline Combat #9 Complete 6-Page Story "Choose Sides" Original Art (EC, 1952). The EC - | Heritage

sold for $26,290 in 2015

Wally Wood - Frontline Combat #9 Complete 6-page Story "Choose Sides" Original Art (EC, 1952). The EC war - | Heritage

sold for $8,050 in 2004

Jack Davis Impact #4 Complete 7-Page Story "The Lonely One" Original Art (EC, 1955). Here is one of the - | Heritage

sold for $6,573 in 2012

John Severin and Harvey Kurtzman Frontline Combat #6 Complete 6-page Story "Ace" Original Art (EC, - | Heritage

sold for $4,780 in 2011

Joe Kubert G.I. Combat #222 Cover Original Art (DC, 1980).... | Heritage

sold for $2,880 in 2019

Russ Heath - Original Art for Our Army at War #247, Complete 14-page Story, "The Vision" (DC, 1972). - | Heritage

sold for $2,358 in 2002

Reigate Pty. Ltd. Artist | Silhouette War Stories Library #32 Cover Original Art (Cleveland, 1963). | Heritage

sold for $2,220 in 2021

VICTOR PREZIO (1924-1976) Airwar #3. [PULP] | Swann Galleries

sold for $1,500 in 2021

Howard Nostrand - Complete 5-page Story "Final Mission" Original Art (Harvey, undated). Like Jack - | Heritage

sold for $1,265 in 2004

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