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Tex Willer is the main fictional character of the Italian comics series Tex, created by writer Gian Luigi Bonelli and illustrator Aurelio Galleppini, and first published in Italy on 30 September 1948. It is among the most popular characters of Italian comics, with translations to numerous languages all around the world. The fan base in Brazil is especially large, but it is very popular also in Finland, Norway, Greece, Turkey, Croatia, France, India, Serbia, Bosnia, Israel and Spain. Issues have…Wikipedia
Artisti vari | inedita per Tex Willer n.303 "Messaggeri di Morte" | Tavole Originali

listed for 4,000 in 2024

Magnus | Magnus Striscia originale Magnus – Tex Willer - Pubblicata - (1996) | Catawiki

sold for 2,250 in 2023

AURELIO GALLEPPINI Tex | Il Battesimo di Fuoco di Kit | Little Nemo

sold for 2,000 in 2015

Giovanni Ticci Tex | Là dove scende il fiume | Little Nemo

sold for 1,300 in 2015

Alessandro Piccinelli | Tex - Alessandro Piccinelli - Tav. Origin. n. 1 "Tex Willer n. 0" - Firmate - Page volante - Exemplaire unique - (2019) | Catawiki

sold for 1,229 in 2021

Aurelio Galleppini (1917-1994), Tex Willer | Cambi Casa d’Aste

sold for 1,200 in 2019

Fabio Civitelli Tex Willer | Little Nemo

sold for 1,100 in 2013

Sergio Tisselli  Tex Willer | Little Nemo

sold for 1,000 in 2015

Boselli, Civitelli | Tex - 1x illustrazione "Mefisto!" - Page volante - Exemplaire unique | Catawiki

sold for 795 in 2022

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