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Donald Fauntleroy Duck is a cartoon character created by The Walt Disney Company. Donald is an anthropomorphic white duck with a yellow-orange bill, legs, and feet. He typically wears a sailor shirt and cap with a bow tie. Donald is known for his semi-intelligible speech and his mischievous, temperamental, and pompous personality. Along with his friend Mickey Mouse, Donald was included in TV Guide's list of the 50 greatest cartoon characters of all time in 2002, and has earned a star on the…Wikipedia
Carl Barks A Binful of Fun Oil Painting Original Art (1974). As detailed on page 234 (color plate #78) of The - | Heritage

sold for $143,400 in 2010

Carl Barks Red Sails in the Sunset Donald Duck Painting Original Art (1974). Taking his cue from the title of an - | Heritage

sold for $113,525 in 2011

Carl Barks Donald Duck Sheriff of Bullet Valley Oil Painting Original Art (1973). This richly hued shootout scene - | Heritage

sold for $107,550 in 2011

Carl Barks Blizzard Tonight Oil Painting Original Art (1973). "A cozy family scene chez Donald. The steamy - | Heritage

sold for $83,650 in 2010

Carl Barks Donald Duck Flying Dutchman Painting Original Art (1972). The Flying Dutchman #1 (#23-72) marked the - | Heritage

sold for $77,675 in 2012

Carl Barks Sailboat Donald Duck Painting CB-OIL 19 Original Art (1972). The image of Donald Duck with nephews - | Heritage

sold for $71,700 in 2015

Don Rosa | Don Rosa | Heritage

sold for $68,750 in 2021

Carl Barks Golden Helmet Painting CB-OIL 35 Original Art (1972).... | Heritage

sold for $65,725 in 2017

Carl Barks The Stone That Turns All Metals Gold Oil Painting Original Art (1991). In this opulent masterpiece, - | Heritage

sold for $59,750 in 2011

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