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Daniel Jan "Daan" Jippes (born 14 October 1945) is a Dutch cartoonist who's known for his work on Disney comics. In the 1980s and 1990s he drew many covers for Gladstone Publishing's Disney magazines. In the 1990s he redrew for Egmont old Junior Woodchucks stories from the 1970s, originally written by Carl Barks and drawn by John Carey, Kay Wright and Tony Strobl.…Wikipedia
Daan Jippes and Murad Gumen - 12 Gladstone Comics Covers and 16 Other Pages Original Art (Gladstone, - | Heritage

sold for $23,900 in 2008

Jippes, Daan - Originele pagina (p.40) - Bernard Voorzichtig - "Twee voor thee" - (1972)  | Catawiki

sold for 2,700 in 2018

Daan Jippes Walt Disney’s Mickey & Donald #1 Couverture Originale (Gladstone, 1988).... | Heritage

sold for $2,313 in 2020

Jippes, Daan | Daan Jippes Walt Disney’s Comics and Stories #519 Cover Original Art (Gladstone, 1987).... | Heritage

sold for $2,160 in 2023

Jippes, Daan | Jippes, Daan - Originele pagina (p.24) - Bernard Voorzichtig - Twee voor thee - (1970) | Catawiki

sold for 1,600 in 2022

Cover originale Walt Disney’s Comics and Stories #515 “The Sawed-Over Duckling(s)” di Daan Jippes | Venere Comic Art

listed for 1,500 in 2022

Daan Jippes and Mike Royer | Walt Disney’s Donald Duck Adventures #7 Cover Original Art (Gladstone, 1988). | Heritage

sold for $1,440 in 2021

Daan Jippes Uncle Scrooge, Donald Duck, and Huey, Dewey, and Louie Illustration (undated). This may have - | Heritage

sold for $1,076 in 2014

Daan Jippes Donald Duck Als Driekus Man #64 Album Cover Original Art (c. 1980s). This cover for a Dutch - | Heritage

sold for $1,020 in 2020

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