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Daniel Henrotin, who signs with Dany, is best known for drawing beautiful women, as can be seen in his series 'Olivier Rameau' and his erotic comics gag series 'Blagues Coquines' ('Red Ears'). He was born in Marche-en-Famenne and obtained his degree in graphics and advertising from the School of Fine Arts in Liège in 1964. He was hired as the assistant of Mittéï in 1966, who was assisting Greg and Tibet on their comics at the time. The collaboration…Comiclopedia
Dany | OLIVIER RAMEAU | Christie’s

sold for 13,750 in 2015

Dany | Lot 401 - Olivier Rameau, illustration à l’encre de Chine,… | Millon

sold for 11,500 in 2023

Dany | Illustration originale intitulée "Un jour aux courses" | Daniel Maghen

listed for 9,000 in 2018

Dany | Illustration originale intitulée "Place de la Bourse" | Daniel Maghen

listed for 8,000 in 2018

Dany | Illustration originale intitulée "Ces Beaux Messieurs" | Daniel Maghen

listed for 7,000 in 2018

Dany | Spirou et la Gorgone Bleue | Galerie Champaka

listed for 7,000 in 2024

Dany Daniel Henrotin Dit (Né En 1943) | OLIVIER RAMEAU & COLOMBE | Artcurial

sold for 6,961 in 2010

Dany | Illustration originale intitulée "Incandescent" | Daniel Maghen

listed for 6,500 in 2018

Dany | OLIVIER RAMEAU | Christie’s

sold for 6,250 in 2014

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