Camelot 3000

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Camelot 3000 is an American twelve-issue comic book limited series written by Mike W. Barr and penciled by Brian Bolland. It was published by DC Comics from 1982 to 1985 as one of its first direct market projects, and as its first maxi-series. It was also the first comic book series to be printed on Baxter paper instead of newsprint.The series follows the adventures of King Arthur, Merlin and the reincarnated Knights of the Round Table as they reemerge in an overpopulated future world of 3000…Wikipedia

sold for $14,400 in 2019

sold for $11,400 in 2019

sold for $5,079 in 2009

sold for $4,888 in 2005

sold for $4,481 in 2008

listed for $4,000 in 2018

sold for $2,868 in 2013

sold for $2,400 in 2018

sold for $2,220 in 2020

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