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Transmetropolitan is a cyberpunk transhumanist comic book series written by Warren Ellis and co-created and designed by Darick Robertson; it was published by the American company DC Comics in 1997–2002. The series was originally part of the short-lived DC Comics imprint Helix, but upon the end of the book's first year the series was moved to the Vertigo imprint after DC Comics shut down their Helix imprint. Transmetropolitan chronicles the battles of Spider Jerusalem, infamous renegade gonzo…Wikipedia
J. Scott Campbell and Richard Friend Transmetropolitan: Filth of the City, Splash page 28 and 29 Original Art - | Heritage

sold for $7,170 in 2009

Glenn Fabry - transmetropolitan 54 Cover | Berserker Art

listed for $5,000 in 2021

Tim Bradstreet | transmetropolitan cover issue 39 page cover | Splash Page

listed for $3,000 in 2022

Geof Darrow Transmetropolitan #23 Cover  Original Art (DC/Vertigo, 1999).... | Heritage

sold for $2,868 in 2017

Robertson, Darick | Darick Robertson and Rodney Ramos Transmetropolitan #29 Splash Page 1 Original Art (DC/Vertigo, 2000).... | Heritage

sold for $2,280 in 2022

Paul Pope | Transmetropolitan pin-up | The Beguiling

listed for $2,000 in 2022

Jaime Hernandez [as Xaime] Transmetropolitan #31 Cover Original Art (DC Comics, 2000).... | Heritage

sold for $1,860 in 2020

Jaime Hernandez - Transmetropolitan #32 Cover Original Art (DC, 2000). Spider Jerusalem takes in the sights while - | Heritage

sold for $1,793 in 2007

Darick Robertson et Rodney Ramos Transmetropolitan #27 Planche 21 (DC, 1999). Dans un avenir où le - | Heritage

sold for $1,375 in 2020

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