The Goon

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The Goon is a comic book series written and drawn by Eric Powell (with colors often by Dave Stewart, Eric or Eric's brother, Robin). The series mixes both a comical and violent atmosphere with a supernatural slant, which pit the titular character against undead creatures/zombies, ghosts, ghouls, mutants, skunk-apes with an unnatural hunger for pies, giant squids, mob/gang leaders, extra-dimensional aliens, mad scientists and robots.…Wikipedia

sold for $10,350 in 2004

sold for $6,875 in 2020

sold for CHF 6,000 in 2016

sold for $5,040 in 2022

sold for $5,000 in 2016

sold for $4,332 in 2014

sold for $4,250 in 2021

sold for CHF 3,800 in 2016

sold for $3,750 in 2016

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