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Prophet is a fictional superhero who appears in comic books published by Image Comics. Created by Rob Liefeld, he first appeared in Youngblood #2 (July 1992). Prophet has starred in three ongoing series bearing his name; these monthlies debuted in 1993, 1995, and 2012, respectively. A fourth series, named Prophet: Earth War, began in January 2016.…Wikipedia
Miller, Frank | Frank Miller Prophet #2 Variant Cover Original Art (Image, 1995).... | Heritage

sold for $26,400 in 2022

Stephen Platt and Marlo Alquiza Prophet #5 Wraparound Cover Original Art (Image, 1996). Prophet battles - | Heritage

sold for $9,600 in 2021

Stephen Platt Wizard the Comics Magazine #35 Prophet Gatefold Cover Original Art (Wizard, 1997). Locked and Loaded -- - | Heritage

sold for $8,963 in 2013

Stephen Platt Prophet #5 Wraparound Cover Original Art (Image, 1996). Prophet battles Cyber Assassin on - | Heritage

sold for $5,019 in 2017

Boris Vallejo Elijah Oil Painting Original Art (1981). Boris Vallejo presents this stunning vision of Elijah, the - | Heritage

sold for $4,780 in 2013

Stephen Platt and Marlo Alquiza Prophet #7 Cover Badrock Original Art (Image, 1996). If you are a fan of - | Heritage

sold for $4,063 in 2017

Stephen Platt Prophet #3 Cover Original Art (Image, 1995). Prophet is armed and armored for a trip to a - | Heritage

sold for $3,824 in 2017

ROB LIEFELD 1997 PROPHET/CABLE #1 P. 28+29 | Tri-State Original Art

listed for $3,300 in 2022

PROPHET Issue #7 Double Page Splash | ComicConnect

sold for $1,650 in 2013

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