Pierre Alary

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Pierre Alary is a French comic book artist, who also works under the pen name Stanley. He studied animation at the École des Gobelins in Paris from 1991. Following his graduation, he worked at the Disney animation studios in Montreuil for ten years, first as an assistant animator, then as an animator on films like 'Tarzan', 'Kuzco' and 'Jungle Book 2'. He additionally made his comics debut in 1993, contributing the story 'L'Ami de la Poésie' to…Comiclopedia

listed for 1,550 in 2018

listed for 1,500 in 2019

listed for 1,450 in 2018

listed for 1,300 in 2021

listed for 1,300 in 2018

listed for 750 in 2019

sold for 625 in 2021

sold for 300 in 2017

sold for 240 in 2021

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