Philippe Aymond

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After successfully completing his studies in Plastic Arts, Philippe Aymond was encouraged to pursue a career in comics by Alexandre Coutelis in 1987. Two years later, Aymond joined the art studios directed by Jean-Claude Mézières and Pierre Christin, where he worked on the series 'Canal Choc', together with Hugues Labiano, Philippe Chapelle and scenarist Christin until 1992. Aymond and Christin continued their collaboration at Dargaud with the one shots 'L'Homme…Comiclopedia

listed for 4,500 in 2022

listed for 3,800 in 2021

listed for 2,500 in 2022

listed for 2,000 in 2022

listed for 1,900 in 2022

sold for 875 in 2022

sold for $906 in 2019

sold for $781 in 2020

sold for $688 in 2020

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