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Nightwing is the name of several superheroes appearing in American comic books published by DC Comics. The most prominent is Dick Grayson, who takes the name when he leaves his role as Batman's partner and sidekick Robin in his adulthood. Although Nightwing is commonly associated with Batman, the title and concept have origins in classic Superman stories. The original Nightwing was an identity assumed by Superman when stranded on the Kryptonian city of Kandor with Jimmy Olsen. Drawing…Wikipedia
Jim Lee, Scott Williams | Nightwing Issue 100 Page Cover | Albert Moy

listed for $18,000 in 2023

Lee, Jim | Jim Lee and Scott Williams Batman #615 "Hush: Chapter 8: The Dead" Story Page 19 Nightwing Original Art (DC, 2003)... | Heritage

sold for $16,800 in 2023

Sean Murphy - BATMAN: WHITE KNIGHT #6 Cover | Metropolis Comics

listed for $11,500 in 2021

Jim Lee and Scott Williams Batman #615 "Hush: Chapter 8: The Dead" Story Page 19 Nightwing Original Art - | Heritage

sold for $9,560 in 2017

Adam Hughes Batgirl #3 Cover Original Art and Color Print (DC, 2012). From the "New 52" era, a - | Heritage

sold for $8,963 in 2014

George Perez New Teen Titans V2#19 Cover Original Art (DC, 1986). Nightwing and Donna Troy aka Wonder Girl - | Heritage

sold for $7,768 in 2015

Grummett, Tom | Tom Grummett and Al Vey New Titans #90 Cover Original Art (DC, 1992).... | Heritage

sold for $5,520 in 2023

Joe Bennett, Jack Jadson | Original Cover Art for Nightwing Annual #2 (2007) by Joe Bennett with Inks by Jack Jadson | (Buy It Now)

listed for $5,300 in 2023


listed for $4,500 in 2022

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