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Marvin Arthur Wolfman (born May 13, 1946) is an American comic book and novelization writer. He worked on Marvel Comics's The Tomb of Dracula, for which he and artist Gene Colan created the vampire-slayer Blade, and DC Comics's The New Teen Titans and the Crisis on Infinite Earths limited series with George Pérez. Among the many characters Wolfman created or co-created are Cyborg, Raven, Starfire, Deathstroke, Tim Drake, Rose Wilson, Nova, Black Cat, Bullseye, Vigilante (Adrian Chase) and the…Wikipedia
Gene Colan and Tom Palmer Tomb of Dracula #37 Complete 18-Page Story Original Art (Marvel, 1975).... (Total: 19 Original Art) | Heritage

sold for $13,800 in 2018

Pérez , George | George Pérez and Romeo Tanghal The New Teen Titans Annual #1 Story Page 21 Starfire Original Art (DC, 1982).... | Heritage

sold for $8,400 in 2022

Pérez , George | George Pérez New Teen Titans: Games Story Pages 38-39 Original Art (DC, 2011).... (Total: 2 Original Art) | Heritage

sold for $3,840 in 2022

George Pérez and Romeo Tanghal New Teen Titans #30 Story Page 20 Original Art (DC, 1983).... | Heritage

sold for $1,560 in 2018

George Perez and Mike Perkins T | he New Teen Titans: Games Story Page 54 Original Art (DC, 2011). | Heritage

sold for $960 in 2021

George Perez and Jerry Ordway - Crisis on Infinite Earths #10, page 9 Original Art (DC, 1986). Marv Wolfman - | Heritage

sold for $863 in 2005

Welz, Larry | Larry Welz, Marv Wolfman, and Larry Todd Cherry’s Jubilee #3 Splash Page 1 Original Art (Cherry Comics, 1993).... | Heritage

sold for $600 in 2022

Wolfman, Marv | Marv Wolfman and Larry Welz Cherry’s Jubilee #3 Story Page 3 Original Art (Cherry Comics/Kitchen Sink ... | Heritage

sold for $576 in 2022

Vaughn Bodé, Marv Wolfman, and Len Wein - Sketches Original Art and Page of Author Signatures Spiral Bound Sketchbook (1969).... | Heritage

sold for $550 in 2018

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