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Marvel Premiere is an American comic book anthology series that was published by Marvel Comics. In concept it was a tryout book, intended to determine if a character or concept could attract enough readers to justify launching their own series, though in its later years it was also often used as a dumping ground for stories which could not be published elsewhere. It ran for 61 issues from April 1972 to August 1981. Contrary to the title, the majority of the characters and concepts featured in…Wikipedia

sold for $31,200 in 2019

listed for $30,000 in 2022

sold for $24,833 in 2019

sold for $23,400 in 2020

sold for $21,600 in 2020

sold for $18,000 in 2019

sold for $16,730 in 2018

sold for $16,133 in 2016

sold for $15,535 in 2018

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