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The Man-Thing (Dr. Theodore "Ted" Sallis) is a fictional character appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics. Created by writers Stan Lee, Roy Thomas, and Gerry Conway and artist Gray Morrow, the character first appeared in Savage Tales #1 (May 1971), and went on to be featured in various titles and in his own series, including Adventure into Fear. Steve Gerber's 39-issue run on the series is considered to be a cult classic.The Man-Thing is a large, slow-moving, empathic,…Wikipedia
Frank Brunner | adventure into fear #16 cover (huge brunner man-thing cover on craftint! ) 1973) | Romitaman

listed for $35,000 in 2021

Herb Trimpe The Incredible Hulk #129 The Glob Cover Original Art (Marvel, 1970). Before there was Man-Thing (or - | Heritage

sold for $21,510 in 2012

Gil Kane and Ernie Chan Fear #19 Cover Man-Thing Original Art (Marvel, 1973).... | Heritage

sold for $17,925 in 2018

Frank Brunner and Tom Palmer Giant-Size  Man-Thing #5 Splash Page 1 Howard the Duck Original Art  (Marvel, 1975).... | Heritage

sold for $16,730 in 2017

John Romita Sr. Fear #18 Man-Thing Cover Original Art (Marvel, 1973).... | Heritage

sold for $14,340 in 2017

Val Mayerik and Sal Trapani | Fear #19 Story Page 19 Man-Thing and Howard the Duck Original Art (Marvel, 1973). | Heritage

sold for $13,200 in 2021

Frank Giacoia, Ron  Wilson | Man-thing #7 cover (1974) | Romitaman

listed for $12,500 in 2018

Gil Kane and Tom Palmer Man-Thing #17 Cover Original Art (Marvel, 1975).... | Heritage

sold for $11,353 in 2017

Frank Brunner and Tom Palmer | Giant-Size Man-Thing #5 Story Page 9 Howard the Duck Original Art (Marvel, 1975).... | Heritage

sold for $10,200 in 2022

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