Jean-Louis Tripp

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Born in Montauban, Jean-Louis Tripp's work first appeared in the magazine Métal Hurlant in 1977. One year later, his first album, 'Le Boeuf n'était pas Mode' was published by Transit. He then published several albums with Futuropolis ('Le Pari', 'Peau de Banane'), Alliance ('Légende du Dieu Stentor'), Milan ('Dinghys dinghys'), Casterman ('Le Violon et l'Archer') and Glénat. For the publisher Milan, he started his series 'Jacques Gallard', that appeared between 1983 and 1989. The subject of…Comiclopedia

listed for 4,000 in 2020

sold for 2,800 in 2017

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sold for 2,050 in 2016

sold for 2,000 in 2017

sold for 1,950 in 2017

sold for 950 in 2017

sold for 750 in 2017

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