Félicísimo Coria

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Félicísimo Coria learned the finer points of the comic profession from his brother-in-law, William Vance. He assisted Vance on the backgrounds of 'Ringo', 'Bruno Brazil' and 'Bob Morane', while following a correspondance course in comics from ABC. Together with Vance and the writer Lucien Meys, he created the series 'Mongwy' series in Femmes d'Aujourd'hui in 1971-72. Coria was also present in Tintin with several short stories with scripts by Stephen Desberg, which were collected in the albums…Comiclopedia

listed for 7,000 in 2022

listed for 4,500 in 2021

listed for 2,500 in 2018

sold for 2,500 in 2021

listed for 2,500 in 2018

listed for 2,400 in 2021

sold for 850 in 2016

sold for 650 in 2019

sold for 600 in 2019

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