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Declan Shalvey is an Irish comics artist and writer. He has worked for Marvel Comics, drawing titles like Moon Knight, Thunderbolts and Deadpool. For Image Comics, he has collaborated with writer Warren Ellis on science fiction series Injection, and written crime comics set in Ireland, including Savage Town, with artist Philip Barrett, and Bog Bodies, with artist Gavin Fullerton. Shalvey was born on 11 January 1982 in Dublin, and grew up in Ennis, County Clare, where he was educated at Rice…Wikipedia
Declan Shalvey | Moon Knight #4 Pg 17 (Marvel, 2014) | Will’s Comic Art Page

listed for $3,795 in 2023

Declan Shalvey | All-Star Batman (DC Comics) issue #03 (Variant Cover) | Cadence Comic Art

listed for $3,500 in 2022

Declan Shalvey | Return of Wolverine #4 Cover (8 Different Wolverines From His Full History, Wow!) 2018 | Romitaman

listed for $3,500 in 2023

Declan Shalvey | return of wolverine #4 cover (8 different wolverines from his full history, wow! ) 2018 | Romitaman

listed for $3,300 in 2022

Declan Shalvey | All-Star Batman (DC Comics) issue #04 (Variant Cover) | Cadence Comic Art

listed for $3,000 in 2023

Marvel Artist | Declan Shalvey House of X Connecting Variant Cover Original Art (Marvel, 2019).... | Heritage

sold for $2,880 in 2022

Shalvey, Declan - GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY (2019) #9 Cover | ComicConnect

sold for $1,501 in 2021

Declan Shalvey | #3 Cover Original Art (Marvel, 2016). | Heritage

sold for $1,200 in 2021

DC Artist | Declan Shalvey The Sandman Universe Presents Hellblazer #1 Variant Cover Original Art (DC, 2019).... | Heritage

sold for $600 in 2022

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