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Darkseid is a supervillain appearing in American comic books published by DC Comics. The character was created by writer-artist Jack Kirby, and debuted in Superman's Pal Jimmy Olsen #134 (December 1970). In his comic book appearances, Darkseid, formerly known as Uxas, is depicted as a New God and the tyrannical ruler of the planet Apokolips. His ultimate goal is to find and gain control over the Anti-Life Equation to enslave the multiverse by eliminating all hope and free will in sentient…Wikipedia
Jack Kirby Mike Royer | Amazing Heroes #47 Cover (Fantagraphics, 1984) Darkseid Vs Orion | Will’s Comic Art Page

listed for $40,000 in 2022

JIM LEE 2011 JUSTICE LEAGUE #4 P.18+19 | Tri-State Original Art

listed for $12,000 in 2017

Claudio Castellini | Marvel Vs Dc 2 Page 18 (1St Thanos Vs Darkseid) | Panel Page Art

listed for $9,995 in 2023

Jason Fabok | Justice League: Darkseid War Collection Cover | Jason Fabok

listed for $8,000 in 2022

Mignola, Mike | Mike Mignola New Gods Secret Files #1 Darkseid Illustration Original Art (DC, 1998).... | Heritage

sold for $7,500 in 2022

Jack Kirby | New gods concept color art - la - darkseid, orion, & metron - 1970s | Anthony’s Comic Book Art

listed for $7,500 in 2022

Byrne, John | John Byrne and Karl Kesel Legends #1 Story Page 3 Original Art (DC, 1986).... | Heritage

sold for $5,760 in 2023

Jack Kirby History of the DC Universe Hardcover Edition Darkseid and New Gods Illustration Original Art and Color ... (Total: 2 Original Art) | Heritage

sold for $4,541 in 2018

Keith Giffen and Dave Hunt | DC Challenge #11 Splash Page 23 Darkseid Original Art (DC, 1986).... | Heritage

sold for $4,440 in 2022

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