Cities of the Fantastic

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Les Cités obscures (literally The Obscure Cities, but initially published in English as Cities of the Fantastic) is a graphic novel series set on a Counter-Earth, started by the Belgian comics artist François Schuiten and his friend, writer Benoît Peeters in the early 1980s. In this fictional world, humans live in independent city-states, each of which has developed a distinct civilization, each characterized by a distinctive architectural style. The full series is available in most Western…Wikipedia

sold for 20,000 in 2020

sold for 16,900 in 2018

listed for 11,000 in 2021

sold for 10,000 in 2019

sold for $9,375 in 2021

sold for 7,632 in 2019

sold for 7,500 in 2019

listed for 7,000 in 2017

sold for 5,500 in 2021

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