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Carlos Pacheco Perujo (14 November 1961 – 9 November 2022) was a Spanish comics penciller. After breaking into the European market doing cover work for Planeta De Agostini, he gained recognition doing work for Marvel UK, the England-based branch of Marvel Comics, for his work on the Spider-Man magazine Dark Guard. He then began doing work for the American-based Marvel and DC Comics, where he was one of the first Spanish-born artists to make a major impact in that country, attaining popularity…Wikipedia
Carlos Pacheco and Art Thibert X-Men #62 Variant Cover Original Art (Marvel, 1997).... | Heritage

sold for $7,200 in 2018

Carlos Pacheco | Fantastic Four 415 Cover | Panel Page Art

listed for $4,500 in 2024

Pacheco, Carlos | Carlos Pacheco and Jesus Merino Superman / Batman #16 Splash Page 14 Original Art (DC, 2005).... | Heritage

sold for $4,320 in 2023

Carlos Pacheco Jesus Merino | superman #664 cover (superman, arion, squad k! ) 2007 | Romitaman

listed for $4,000 in 2024

Carlos Pacheco | Fantastic Four 415 Cover | Panel Page Art

listed for $4,000 in 2024

Carlos Pacheco and Jesus Merino Avengers Forever #11 Splash Page 23 Original Art (Marvel, 1999). Avengers from - | Heritage

sold for $2,988 in 2012

Pacheco, Carlos | Carlos Pacheco and Danny Miki Ultimate Avengers #4 Cover Original Art (Marvel, 2010).... | Heritage

sold for $2,880 in 2023

Pacheco, Carlos | Carlos Pacheco and Jesús Merino Avengers Forever #5 Story Page 8 Original Art (Marvel, 1999).... | Heritage

sold for $2,760 in 2023

Carlos Pacheco | Arrowsmith 2 1 pg 4-5 | Artcoholics

listed for 2,420 in 2024

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