Arthur Ranson

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Arthur James Ranson (born 1939) is an English comic book illustrator, known for his work on Look-in, Anderson: Psi Division, Button Man and Mazeworld. His work on Cassandra Anderson has been called "photo-realistic".…Wikipedia
Arthur Ranson | 2000ad prog 789 cover - button man - arthur ranson - judge dredd | Artdroids

listed for £3,500 in 2018

Arthur Ranson | Septimus

sold for 1,200 in 2020

Arthur Ranson | Judge Dredd Megazine #230 Story Page 2 Psi-Judge Anderson Original Art (Rebellion, 2005). | Heritage

sold for $1,170 in 2021

Arthur Ranson | Look In Annual cover including Elvis, Benny Hill, The Fonz, Bjorn Borg | Illustration Art Gallery

listed for £650 in 2018

Arthur Ranson | Elvis Presley His Story in Pictures 6 (Signed) | Illustration Art Gallery

listed for £600 in 2018

Arthur Ranson | Judge Anderson PSI ’Lock In’ part 4 page 3 from 2000AD | Illustration Art Gallery

listed for £440 in 2024

Arthur Ranson | Judge Anderson Half Life part 6 page 6 from 2000AD | Illustration Art Gallery

listed for £395 in 2017

European superhero comic artist | Arthur Ranson Judge Dredd Megazine Vol.3 #5 Judge Anderson Story Page 4 Original Art (Fleetway Publications, 1995)... | Heritage

sold for $276 in 2023

Arthur Ranson X-Factor #1 Story Page 17 Original Art (Marvel, 2002).... | Heritage

sold for $192 in 2019

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