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Alix, or The Adventures of Alix, is a Franco-Belgian comics series drawn in the ligne claire style by Jacques Martin. The stories revolve around a young Gallo-Roman man named Alix in the late Roman Republic. Although the series is renowned for its historical accuracy and stunning set detail, the hero has been known to wander into anachronistic situations up to two centuries out of his era. The stories unfold throughout the reaches of the Roman world, including the city of Rome, Gaul, the…Wikipedia

sold for 25,000 in 2016

sold for 24,000 in 2015

sold for 23,750 in 2019

sold for 22,500 in 2019

sold for 20,000 in 2019

sold for 19,740 in 2019

sold for 18,750 in 2019

sold for 17,500 in 2019

sold for 15,600 in 2018

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