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Yoann Chivard discovered his calling at age five, when he first started drawing. After completing his studies in Plastic Arts, he completed a degree in communication at the Academy of Fine Arts in Angers. During this six year period, he made several posters and ads. He created the series 'Phil Kaos' and 'Dark Boris' for the English magazines Deadline and Inkling, as well as a children's book for Triskell, 'Le Vilain Petit Canard'. In 1996, Yoann set up the atelier La…Comiclopedia

sold for 7,728 in 2020

listed for 6,000 in 2021

sold for 5,625 in 2017

listed for 5,000 in 2021

listed for 4,500 in 2021

listed for 4,000 in 2021

listed for 3,600 in 2022

sold for 2,800 in 2021

sold for 1,600 in 2013

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