Virginie Augustin

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Born in Chatou in 1973, Virginie Augustin studied art and animation at the École des Gobelins in Paris for three years. She worked for the Walt Disney Studios on films like 'Tarzan' and 'Hercules', and on the France 3 serials 'Witch' and 'Chasseurs de Dragons'. After working on a feature film based on Hugo Pratt's 'Corto Maltese', she teamed up with writer Wilfrid Lupano for her first comics project. This was the fantasy series 'Alim le…Comiclopedia

listed for 1,700 in 2019

listed for 1,500 in 2020

listed for 900 in 2019

listed for 600 in 2019

listed for 500 in 2019

listed for 450 in 2018

listed for 400 in 2018

listed for 350 in 2017

listed for 300 in 2019

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