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Reilly Brown (born August 5, 1981) is an American comic book artist and writer. Following his graduation from Virginia Commonwealth University in 2003, he has drawn various comics for Marvel Comics including The Amazing Spider-Man, New Warriors, and Incredible Hercules, as well as the digital comic AvX. He's mostly known for his work as an artist and writer on Cable & Deadpool and Deadpool: Dracula's Gauntlet, in which Brown co-created the characters Bob, Agent of Hydra and Shiklah. He also…Wikipedia
Reilly Brown | daredevil/punisher #1 cover - awesome daredevil and punisher - 2016 signed | Anthony’s Comic Book Art

listed for $3,500 in 2022

Reilly Brown | deadpool: ’til death do us…’ triple page cover - crazy meelee of deadpool, spider-man, hit-monkey, and domino vs. Shiklah, frankenstein, mummy, wolfman, and other monsters action - 2016 signed | Anthony’s Comic Book Art

listed for $3,150 in 2022

Nelson Decastro, Reilly Brown | batman/fortnite: zero point #1 p. 1 - batman and commissioner gordon splash - 2021 signed | Anthony’s Comic Book Art

listed for $2,500 in 2021

Reilly Brown | gwenpool #2 varaint cover - thor jane foster and gwenpool - 2016 signed | Anthony’s Comic Book Art

listed for $2,250 in 2022

Reilly Brown | kiss: the end #4 variant cover - 2019 signed | Anthony’s Comic Book Art

listed for $2,000 in 2022

Brown, Reilly - MRS. DEADPOOL AND THE HOWLING COMMANDOS (2015) #2 Cover | ComicConnect

sold for $1,705 in 2021

Reilly Brown Deadpool: Dracula’s Gauntlet #6 Cover Original Art (Marvel, 2014).... | Heritage

sold for $900 in 2018

Reilly Brown and Nelson Decastro Deadpool: The Gauntlet Infinite Comic #4 Cover/Splash Page Original Art (Marvel,... | Heritage

sold for $777 in 2018

Reilly Brown and Nelson DeCastro Deadpool: The Gauntlet #5 Story Page 10 Original Art (Marvel/Infinite, 2014).... | Heritage

sold for $228 in 2020

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