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Rantanplan (alternately spelled Ran-Tan-Plan and Ran Tan Plan) [ʁɑ̃tɑ̃ˈplɑ̃] is a fictional hound dog created by Belgian comics artist Morris and French writer René Goscinny. Originally a supporting character in the Lucky Luke series, Rantanplan later starred in an eponymous series. Rantanplan is a spoof of Rin Tin Tin. In the Turkish translations of the series, he is indeed named Rin Tin Tin. English versions of the books have renamed him "Rin Tin Can" and "Bushwack" in the 1983…Wikipedia

sold for 8,500 in 2016

sold for 900 in 2015

listed for 550 in 2022

sold for 400 in 2017

sold for 370 in 2016

sold for 340 in 2021

sold for 325 in 2021

sold for 320 in 2017

sold for 300 in 2017

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