Mike Hoffman

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Mike Hoffman Jungle Nude and Panther Painting Original Art (2006). In the darkest green of the jungle, a - | Heritage

sold for $3,107 in 2013

Mike Hoffman | Odyssey: The Art and Works of Mike Hoffman "Vampire Girl" Painting Original Art (Basement/Amryl, 2006). | Heritage

sold for $2,160 in 2021

Mike Hoffman Fantasy Nude Painting Original Art (2006). With flash and style, artist Mike Hoffman renders this lovely - | Heritage

sold for $1,852 in 2013

Hoffman, Mike | Mike Hoffman and Kevin Nowlan Secret Origins Special #1 Story Page 1 Original Art (DC, 1989).... | Heritage

sold for $1,800 in 2023

Mike Hoffman - Barbarian and Black Panther Painting Original Art (1997).... | Heritage

sold for $1,560 in 2019

Mike Hoffman Lost Girl Painting Original Art (2006). A sultry sci-fi vixen is just all-but nude in this - | Heritage

sold for $1,494 in 2016

Mike Hoffman SOD Magazine #14 Cover Original Art (Independent Media International, 2000). This macabre cover - | Heritage

sold for $1,434 in 2009

Mike Hoffman Branching Out Painting Original Art (2004). A sensuous and captivating female she-bat takes - | Heritage

sold for $1,320 in 2020

Mike Hoffman - "Jungle Lord Leopard Men" Painting Tarzan Original Art (2014). Tarzan defends a lovely - | Heritage

sold for $1,200 in 2021

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