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Master Comics was a monthly ongoing comic book anthology series that began its 133-issue run (cover dated March 1940 – April 1953) during the 1930s and 1940s period known as the Golden Age of Comic Books. Published by Fawcett Comics, it contained features starring superhero characters including Master Man, in the first six issues only, Bulletman, Minute-Man, and its best-known character, Captain Marvel, Jr., part of the lighthearted Marvel Family.…Wikipedia
Kurt Schaffenberger Master Comics #121 Complete 14-Page Story "Captain Marvel, Jr., and the Battling Underworld" O... (Total: 14 Original Art) | Heritage

sold for $7,800 in 2020

Mac Raboy Master Comics #22 Panel Page Original Art (Fawcett, 1942). It’s been more than a decade since we - | Heritage

sold for $7,170 in 2017

Rafael Astarita | Master Comics #10 Story Page 1 Original Art (Fawcett, 1941).... | Heritage

sold for $5,640 in 2021

MASTER COMICS Issue #27 Interior Page | ComicConnect

sold for $5,500 in 2017

Mike Suchorsky | Master Comics #1 Complete 4-Page Story Shipwreck Roberts Original Art (Fawcett, 1940). | Heritage

sold for $5,280 in 2021

MASTER COMICS Issue #1 Interior Page | ComicConnect

sold for $5,272 in 2017

Jack Binder Studio (attributed) Master Comics #118 Complete 13-Page Story "Mary Marvel and the Big Rock Candy Moun... | Heritage

sold for $5,040 in 2019

MASTER COMICS Issue #22 Splash Page | ComicConnect

sold for $4,350 in 2017

Murphy Anderson Master Comics #21 Cover Recreation Captain Marvel Original Art (c. 1990).... | Heritage

sold for $4,080 in 2018

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