Jason Shawn Alexander

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Jason Shawn Alexander is a painter and draftsman from Tennessee. He lives and works in Los Angeles, California. He makes horror paintings, and has also done comic book art. He has produced illustrations and comics for Dark Horse Comics ('Abe Sapien', 'The Escapists', 'Damnation'), Warner Brothers, DC Comics ('Gotham Central'), Hasbro, White Wolf Inc, Dynamite Entertainment ('Dead Irons') and Dalmatian Press.…Comiclopedia

listed for $4,200 in 2021

listed for $2,250 in 2021

listed for $2,100 in 2020

sold for $1,375 in 2021

sold for $1,320 in 2020

sold for $563 in 2021

sold for $528 in 2021

sold for $450 in 2021

sold for $311 in 2017

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