Fabrice Le Hénanff

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Fabrice Le Hénanff is a comic book artist from Brittany, with a specialization in painting comics with historical subjects. He studied plastic arts in Rennes, and is a regular illustrator for the local newspaper Le Télégramme in Brest. In 2003, he created the comic book 'Les Caméleons' with text by Henri Fabuel at Casterman. Also with Fabuel, he made the detective comic 'H. H. Holmes', of which two books were published by Glénat, one in 2006…Comiclopedia

sold for 3,000 in 2020

listed for 1,850 in 2021

listed for 1,700 in 2021

listed for 1,100 in 2021

sold for 800 in 2018

sold for 738 in 2018

sold for 683 in 2021

sold for 664 in 2017

sold for 630 in 2020

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