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Epic Illustrated was a comics anthology in magazine format published in the United States by Marvel Comics. Similar to the US-licensed comic book magazine Heavy Metal, it allowed explicit content to be featured, unlike the traditional American comic books of that time bound by the restrictive Comics Code Authority, as well as offering its writers and artists ownership rights and royalties in place of the industry-standard work for hire contracts. The series lasted 34 issues from Spring 1980 to…Wikipedia
Wrightson, Bernie | Bernie Wrightson Epic Illustrated #25 Complete 11-Page Story "The Potty’s Over" Original Art (Marvel, 1984).... (Total: 11 Original Art) | Heritage

sold for $33,600 in 2022

Bernie Wrightson | Epic Illustrated | Heritage

sold for $15,600 in 2021

Caldwell, Clyde | Clyde Caldwell Epic Illustrated #27 Cover Original Art (Marvel, 1984).... | Heritage

sold for $10,200 in 2022

Bolton, John | John Bolton Epic Illustrated #10 Story Pages 1-3 Original Art (Marvel, 1982).... (Total: 3 Original Art) | Heritage

sold for $9,600 in 2023

Bernie Wrightson | Epic Illustrated #25 P 2 (Eyeball Gouging Scene! Large Art Graphic Horror Page, Over 18 Yrs Old To View!) | Romitaman

listed for $7,000 in 2024

Wrightson, Bernie | Bernie Wrightson Epic Illustrated #34 Story Pages 5-6 Original Art (Marvel/Epic, 1986).... | Heritage

sold for $4,800 in 2023

Hale, Phil | Phil Hale Epic Illustrated #33 Johnny Badhair Splash Page 4 Painting Original Art (Marvel/Epic, 1985).... | Heritage

sold for $4,080 in 2023

Tim Conrad Epic Illustrated #2 "Almuric" Story Page 4 Original Art (Marvel/Epic Comics, 1980).... | Heritage

sold for $3,600 in 2019

Joe Jusko | Epic Illustrated | Heritage

sold for $3,120 in 2021

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