Death Dealer

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Death Dealer is a 1973 fantasy painting by American artist Frank Frazetta. It depicts a menacing armor-clad warrior with a horned helmet, whose facial features are obscured by shadow, atop a horse, holding a bloody bearded axe and shield. The image eventually led to spin-offs of varying merchandise, including subsequent paintings of the warrior, novels, statues, a comic book series published by Verotik and another by Image Comics, and related D&D adventures, published by Goodman…Wikipedia

sold for $1,792,500 in 2018

listed for $27,500 in 2017

sold for $21,600 in 2019

sold for $19,200 in 2020

sold for $15,535 in 2015

sold for $12,000 in 2015

sold for $9,000 in 2021

sold for $7,500 in 2015

sold for $6,900 in 2004

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