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Clayton Henry is an American comic book artist, known mostly for his work for Marvel Comics. His first known works were providing the art on Nine Rings of Wu-Tang and Area 52, and has since worked on such series as Exiles, Alpha Flight, New X-Men: Hellions, X-Men: Apocalypse vs. Dracula, and currently Uncanny X-Men.…Wikipedia
Clayton Henry | Spider-Man Magazine #1 Cover (Spider-Man Battles the Hulk!) 2008 | Romitaman

listed for $1,500 in 2024

Clayton Henry | spider-man magazine #1 cover (spider-man battles the hulk! ) 2008 | Romitaman

listed for $1,400 in 2024

Clayton Henry | Black Lightning: Cold Dead Hands # 1 | More Great Art

listed for $1,300 in 2017

Clayton Henry | Marvel adv. Superheroes #4 - nova cover! | Comic Book Art Gallery

listed for $1,300 in 2018

Clayton Henry | Wrath of the Eternal warrior # 4 | More Great Art

listed for $700 in 2018

Clayton Henry Marvel Adventures Super Heroes #10 Black Widow Cover Original Art (Marvel, 2011). In this issue from the - | Heritage

sold for $388 in 2013

Clayton Henry Marvel Adventures Super Heroes #21 Black Widow and Nova Cover Original Art (Marvel, 2010). From the - | Heritage

sold for $263 in 2013

Clayton Henry Marvel Adventures Fantastic Four #40 Cover Original Art (Marvel, 2008). Mr. Fantastic’s brainwaves are - | Heritage

sold for $215 in 2013

Clayton Henry | Wolverine: First Class #5 Story Page 3 Original Art (Marvel, 2008). | Heritage

sold for $186 in 2021

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