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Bob de Moor is the pen name of Robert Frans Marie De Moor (20 December 1925 – 26 August 1992), a Belgian comics creator. Chiefly noted as an artist, he is considered an early master of the Ligne claire style. He wrote and drew several comics series on his own, but also collaborated with Hergé on several volumes of The Adventures of Tintin. He completed the unfinished story Professor Sató's Three Formulae, Volume 2: Mortimer vs. Mortimer of the Blake and Mortimer series, after the death of…Wikipedia

sold for 13,650 in 2019

sold for 1,800 in 2021

sold for 1,750 in 2019

sold for 1,690 in 2020

sold for 1,560 in 2018

listed for 1,500 in 2018

sold for 1,305 in 2020

sold for 1,000 in 2018

sold for 1,000 in 2008

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