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Aldo Capitanio (May 28, 1952 – September 19, 2001) was an Italian comic book artist. He was born in Camisano Vicentino (Veneto). After obtaining a degree at the Institute of Arts and Crafts in Padua, he debuted as artist in 1970 on the periodical Il Santo dei Miracoli. Two years later he was published on Luciano Secchi's Eureka, and, in 1973, he became a collaborator of Il Giornalino, for which he realized adventure stories. In the 1970s he also provided art for some episodes of Enzo Biagi's…Wikipedia
Aldo Capitanio | Original illustration for Tex. Cm. 34,5x25. Ink. Signed. Mint | Segni e Disegni

listed for 2,200 in 2018

Aldo Capitanio | Cavalcando con Tex - Illustrazione originale di Aldo Capitanio - Page volante - EO - (1993) | Catawiki

sold for 1,200 in 2022

ALDO CAPITANIO  -  LÂ’Orrenda notte! | Little Nemo

sold for 1,200 in 2018

ALDO CAPITANIO  -  LÂ’Invincibile Ranger | Little Nemo

sold for 1,100 in 2018

ALDO CAPITANIO | Tex with Tiger Jack | Art-Rite

sold for 950 in 2019

Aldo Capitanio | Original page for Tex. Cm. 31,5x40. Ink. Mint | Segni e Disegni

listed for 850 in 2022

Aldo Capitanio | 170 | Tavole Originali

listed for 800 in 2024

Aldo Capitanio | Original page for Tex. Cm. 31x39. Ink. Mint | Segni e Disegni

listed for 750 in 2017

Aldo Capitanio | Original page for Nick Raider. Cm. 26x34. Ink. Mint | Segni e Disegni

listed for 490 in 2022

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