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Adventure Comics is an American comic book series published by DC Comics from 1938 to 1983 and revived from 2009 to 2011. In its first era, the series ran for 503 issues (472 of those after the title changed from New Adventure Comics), making it the fifth-longest-running DC series, behind Detective Comics, Action Comics, Superman, and Batman. The series was revived in 2009 through a new "#1" issue by artist Clayton Henry and writer Geoff Johns. It returned to its original numbering with #516…Wikipedia
Jack Kirby and Joe Simon Adventure Comics #73 Manhunter Cover Original Art (DC, 1942). Adventure Comics #73 is - | Heritage

sold for $119,500 in 2011

Aparo, Jim | Jim Aparo Adventure Comics #440 Complete 12-Page Story The Spectre Original Art (DC, 1974).... (Total: 12 Original Art) | Heritage

sold for $78,000 in 2022

Aparo, Jim | Jim Aparo Adventure Comics #439 Spectre Splash Page 1 Original Art (DC, 1975).... | Heritage

sold for $57,600 in 2022

Jim Aparo Adventure Comics #440 Spectre Cover Original Art (DC, 1975).... (Total: 2 Items) | Heritage

sold for $52,580 in 2018

Harvey Kurtzman - John Wayne Adventure Comics #5 Complete 5-page Story "Pot-Shot Pete, Sheriff of Yucca Pucca - | Heritage

sold for $46,605 in 2006

Aparo, Jim | Jim Aparo Adventure Comics #449 Aquaman Cover Original Art (DC, 1977).... | Heritage

sold for $40,800 in 2022

Curt Swan and George Klein Adventure Comics #291 Cover Superboy Original Art (DC, 1961).... | Heritage

sold for $28,800 in 2019

Jack Kirby and Joe Simon | Adventure Comics #86 Story Page 7 Sandman Original Art (DC, 1943). | Heritage

sold for $18,000 in 2021

Curt Swan and Neal Adams Adventure Comics #382 Cover Superman and Supergirl Original Art (DC, 1969).... | Heritage

sold for $16,800 in 2020

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