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Master of Kung Fu 105 page 15
Gene Day
No action on this page, but I've always loved it and kept it for over 20 years because of the panels of Nayland Smith and Reston and the overall beauty of Day's handling of light and shade on the page.


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Master of Kung Fu 115 page 1 title splash
Gene Day
Here's the title splash to Master of Kung Fu #115. What more needs to be said? If you're a Day MOKF fan you know how rarely these come up for sale.


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Modesty Blaise #194, The Long Lever
Jim Holdaway
Here's a great example from the second Modesty Blaise story, The Long Lever from 1964. Key episode as Modesty clobbers Willy with her kongo. Beautiful shots of Modesty and Kossuth in the final panel.

Board size is about 21.125 x 7.5 inches with an image area about 19.625 x 5.625 inches. Skimmed, as usual for Holdaways. Corners of the board are chipped, as you can see in the scan.

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Steve Canyon 2-26-1963
Milton Caniff
Steve is engaged in some espionage in Greece when a talky tourist latches onto him.

Board size is 23 x 7.25 inches, with an image area 21.75 x 6.75 inches.

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