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Smith Wallace
The great Wallace Smith, illustrator deluxe, adventurer/raconteur of the West, and pal of Ben Hecht, drew his Joe Blow cartoon panels for the Chicago American beginning in 1918.   Within these panels, Smith created great caricatures of various figures, employing a terrifically descriptive line, as well as wonderfully expressive hands.  This example features a beautifully drawn circus ringleader, holding his whip and top hat, as he gestures off-stage.  Beautiful and uncommon work.  5¾”x nearly 9½”.  Fine+ condition. $125.00 + 7.50 Priority shipping.

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Pitz Henry Harlequin Nude BW
Henry Pitz (1895-1976) – A wonderful ink drawing of a harlequin figure and nude in a jumbled, surreal space.  Pitz was a noted, longtime book illustrator, with over 190 books under his belt.  He was also an expert on the Brandywine School, and wrote extensively about Howard Pyle.  This drawing measures 11”x 8½”, and is done on lightweight paper.  There is some light edge toning, but is otherwise in Fine condition.  Signed in the lower right.  $100.00 + 8.50 Priority shipping.

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May Phil A Life of Pleasure
Phil May (1865-1903) – A sweet drawing by May, based on a theme – “A Sharp Contrast” – that he would often revisit.  Pictured is a poor woman who approaches an obviously well-to-do couple who are either leaving or entering a theater where “A Life of Pleasure” is playing.  The irony in the cartoon would be lost on no one.  The drawing shows May at his spare finest, using the white of the central woman’s attire to offset the dark tones of the figures to the left and right.  The piece has both that economy of line and liveliness that May strived for.  The drawing appears to be circa the 1890s.  The art measures nearly 10”x6¾”.  You can see the toning from a previous matting and framing, but a new mat would easily take care of that.  There appears to be some sort of abrasion on the surface of the board just to the left of the man’s leg.  It’s minor stuff, but is present.  A lovely drawing by one of the true masters.  $300.00 + 7.50 Priority shipping.

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Fortunino Matania (1881-1963) – An incredible and intricate pen & ink illustration that appeared in the December 1931 issue of Brittania & Eve. It features Napoleon Bonaparte, Desiree Clary, and Jean Baptiste Jules Bernadotte. Clary was engaged to marry Bonaparte, but he called off the engagement after he became involved with Josephine. Clary later married Bernadotte, who was a leading general in the French Napoleonic army. In 1818, Bernadotte became the King of Sweden, and his wife, who had stayed behind in Paris, later became Queen in 1829. The detail and pen work in this illustration is simply exquisite, and cannot be captured properly in a scan. The layers of tones, all done in hatched and cross-hatched lines, are beautifully rich. While small in size, this illustration is huge in tonal richness, delicacy, and structure. Truly, a master at work. The board measures 8¾”x6½”, and the piece is in Excellent condition. Signed in the lower left corner.  Pieces of this caliber and mastery by Matania don’t show up every day. $475.00 + $15.00 Priority shipping with full insurance.

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Kley Heinrich Palette Brushes Box
Heinrich Kley (1963-1945) – A fine ink drawing of an artist’s palette, with brushes, and a strongbox sitting atop the palette.  There is a thorny wreath motif surrounding the objects.  This was likely done as a logo or library bookplate design.  Signed by Kley in the lower right, with an estate stamp on the reverse.  Nearly 5½”x 6½”, and in Fine condition.  $375.00 + 7.50 Priority shipping.  SOLD!

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